About: Pay some attention to the woman behind the curtain

I used to get paid to write. I even had weekly/quarterly-ish column in actual publications at points. However, without the threat of a paycheck-dependent deadline, publication is a far less regular occasion for me. But, I still get the itch to share my thoughts from time to time, hence this blog.

If you like it, awesome. If you hate it, feel free to click forward (any unnecessarily negative comments will not be approved). Compelled to respond? Go for it. I don’t have any particular agenda or theme, just an itch to write on occasion.

A bit about the title: The Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie (if my ability to quote every line isn’t enough evidence, surely my Ruby Slippers tattoo is), and my life tends to seem like a goat rodeo at times. Besides, it just sounds nifty, don’t you think?



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